AJ Uppal

AJ Uppal

Software Engineer

About Me

Hi, I'm A.J. Uppal. I am a maker at heart, and I have a penchant for creating everything from air pollution monitors to 3D games. I love music and running, and on a nice summer day, you can find me in the garden, growing heirloom tomatoes! I am currently studying Computer Science (B.S.) and Astrophysics (B.S.) at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I love to code, but my passion for cosmology extends further back. Ever since I turned four, I have had a dream of becoming an astronaut, venturing into the deep reaches of space. And while that may not be the most feasible career option, studying the (computational!) physics and math of the Universe captivates me like nothing else.


Got It, Inc.

Software Engineering Intern

Engineered for the ExcelChat chrome extension (javascript, React.js, Redux.js), built javascript modules (AutoTyper, testimonial carousel), built a “bot” to maintain problem volume on the Got It Study platform (python, Flask, React.js, Network APIs), built a mobile app for converting Natural Language to SQL (microservices, React.js), schema scraping from GitHub/SQLFiddle (python).

YouWeb, Inc.

Software Engineering Intern

Led the marketing campaign for a YouWeb Inc (Discord, Got-it) project, and built the campaign website and web application (javascript, node.js, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator)

Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Air Quality Scientist & Data Analysis Intern

Built, tested, and calibrated low cost air pollution monitors (C) at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Built the cloud networking interface to view the data globally (python, javascript, node.js). Secured a $3000 grant for Los Altos High School to integrate air pollution monitor building into APES curriculum.


Full Stack Web Developer

Designed and developed custom websites by hand for clients. Self-run business. (node.js, javascript, React, python)

VeloCloud Networks (acquired by VMware)

Software Development Intern

Carried out performance analysis of the network appliance using Ixia, built a web front end to animate the deployment of geographically distributed sites. (javascript)




Interactive slider puzzle, with a solving mechanism based on the A* algorithm. AI microservice written in python (Flask), static front-end built in vanilla JavaScript.

Website | Source


PvP real-time game where you attempt to shoot your opponent before they shoot you! Created using Socket.io, Express.js & Three.js.

Website | Source


Designed, built, and calibrated low cost air pollution monitors in an effort to spread awareness of air pollution. Collaborated with Sonoma Tech, BAAQMD, Manylabs. Used the Particle Photon and Electron (C) as microcontrollers, Python and R for data analysis, TempoDB(IQ) and AT&T M2X for time series databases, plot.ly for data visualization.



Made a first-person 3D “runner” game. Players move forward and attempt to avoid oncoming prisms.



Designed a 3D version of doodle jump using Three.js. The character is an 8-bit style “grinch”.


Facial Recognition

Used facial recognition software to quickly detect distinct faces. Once recognized, alerts the computer.




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